Passion, truth and fun are the words that describe their sound.

Straddling the line between catchy contemporary urban-pop and acoustic elegance, Spanish’s Ayoho won the Vodafone Yu Music Talent’s Second Edition among more than 1100 artists. 

The band was born in the middle of 2010’s in a basement as an acoustic project marked by the simplicity of three young boys who met while attending high school, and one day decided to record their first song Blank Walls, and send it to the Vodafone Yu Music Talent. They reached the final of the contest and played for the first time with just one voice and two acoustic guitars, and finally and unexpectedly they were chosen as the winners of this second edition. After composing and recording their first studio album Deference & Wonder, Ayoho opened for recognized artists like Belako or Crystal Fighters. Their second studio album Ikigai, produced by Raúl de Lara, was released at the end of 2017 as they continued playing shows across Spain, and were also contacted to perform at Les Arts Festival, SanSan Festival and Warm Up Festival.

In the mid-2018 they signed for Son Buenos, and their songs “The End – Early Edition” and “Paradise” were added to New Music Friday (the United States, Norway, Denmark and Iceland), and Weekend Hangouts playlists on Spotify, with thousands and millions of followers.

Their brand new song Plug mastered by Chris Gehringer (Fall Out Boy, Twenty One Pilots) is out now.